Galerie Joseph Collage Oliver Pavic


I was invited to exhibit at this prestigious Paris gallery in May 2017 for one week as a solo artist ‘presenting’ his work for the first time.

I exhibited 44 paintings over 2 floors. The upper floor held bigger canvases (abstracts and figures) and those requiring a lot of natural light. The lower floor held my more personal intimate canvases, the ones needing less light and complete quietness to be appreciated at its best.

The response of the visitors was overwhelming. The majority loved the exhibition as a whole and gave me valuable feedback, one that every emerging artist requires in order to continue his career in the right direction.

There was a lot of commercial appreciation for the abstract and figure paintings and more emotional appreciation for the landscapes and expressionist paintings.

The exhibition was my first ever and it was clear that there was a lot of different styles and concepts in my work. The general feeling was that the exhibition lacked ‘identity’, something I was aware of when deciding to exhibit all of my paintings.

The purpose of the exhibition was exactly that, to find the right ‘identity’ to proceed with!

I made some valuable contacts and am extremely proud that my work was accepted by the public and impacted people. 13 paintings were sold and went to different corners of the World, something I am very happy about.

Thank you Paris! Until next time.